Hunting in Kaimanawa Forest Park-NZ

A large Forest Park located east of Lake Taupo, offering a diverse range of Sika deer hunting, from river flats to tight beech forest to open tops  and mountain ranges. Expect high winds and heavy snow during winter if hunting Sika above the tree line with snow falls below the tree line  occasionally.Hunt the warmer north facing slopes below the tree line for best results in winter - leave the open tops and larger clearings to spring.

There are few public huts in the Kaimanawas so you should carry a tent or tent fly, if you decide to hunt there on a regular basis do what most local hunters do - build a bivy.
Clements Mill Road via the Napier - Taupo highway is the most common hunting access into the northern end of the park, the area is very popular with deer hunters so be sure to identify your target and wear blaze orange for your own protection.
Vehicle  security  on Clements Road is generally good.
The Kaimanawas has a mixture of public and private hunting blocks so when hunting there care is needed to ensure you stay on  public lands.If you need to cross through private hunting blocks remove the bolt from your rifle to avoid conflicts.

For permits contact  DoC

DOC Turangi

Species Available in Kaimanawa Forest Park :
  • Sika Deer
  • Red Deer
  • Pigs
  • Trout 
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